Access Control

Control access using CCTV, Door Locks, Office & Parking Barriers

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Investing in the latest and right technology to protect your workers and visitors would reap rich dividends over time. A business needs to be welcoming an open however people and property need to be protected at any cost. Staff should have each access to work area during approved time and unauthorized entry blocked. Use various technologies to conduct surveillance and take appropriate action. 

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Hikvision CCTV cameras DVR and peripherals 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Its always safety first with our wide range of CCTV products combined with audio recording. From internal cameras to external ones with thermal technology. Secure your vehicles, specially school buses, with mobile technology based cameras and digital video recorder. Retain video and audio files for long period of time by using optimum size of drive space and back-up the information as needed.

Door Locks Access Control

ZK Teco Door Access Control devices 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Whether you need a complex access access control system or a simple stand-alone one, 9T9 IT has all the right products to meet your requirements. We provide total solution that includes devices, card readers, door locks (electronic or magnetic), control system, RFID cards and software. Through our software you can control end number of doors, quickly grant or delete user access and record log of every user’s access.

Entrance Barriers

ZK Teco Entrance Barriers 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Block access to property sensitive and separate employees from visitors and other personnel by installing the optimum sized entrance barrier. At the same instant quicken the flow of traffic at the most used location through high security and long durable barriers. 9T9 IT barriers have been tested to withstand harsh usage while remaining operational for long time.

Parking Space Barrier

Zk Teco Parking Barriers 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Quite often unauthorized people leave their vehicles in reserved parking spaces leading to parking owners disgruntled. By installing parking barriers such elements are blocked from accessing the space as well as eradication of any heated arguments between parking space owners and the security staff. The solution also reduces human dependency and helps in reducing operational cost.

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