Attendance & Payroll Management

Face, finger & biometric hardware

ZK Teco time attendance devices and software 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Tracking time and attendance is critical for all organizations, no matter its size or the methods used to determine employee pay. Having an automated time and attendance tracking system in place can help organizations across all industries save money and improve operations. Attendance and payroll management using face, finger, biometric hardware is the ideal solution.

Finger Print Devices

ZK Teco Fingerprint door access and time attendance devices 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Reduce identity theft by adopting a finger print device. Eradicate buddy punching at every work area. Adopt a BioID fingerprint collector for excellent recognition that can use internal WiFi for communication convenience.

Face Devices

ZK Teco Face recognition devices 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Face recognition is critical in manual labor work areas as the finger prints may not be recognized by devices due to wear and tear nature of the job. With the latest face identification algorithm and streamlined technology, the devices can store high number of face templates. Verification is within less than 1 second.

Multi-Biometric  Devices

ZK Teco Biometric door access and time attendance systems 9T9 IT Bahrain.

A biometric device is capable of recognizing multiple physiological characteristics like finger, face, iris, hand shapes and veins. It delivers multiple benefits and is now one of the most popular form of tracking productive hours. The system is capable of having fall-back information if one characteristics fails to load. Employees would ensure due productivity and employers would be obliged to pay for any extra work hours, a fair trade-off between employer and the employee.

Payroll Management System

ZK Teco Biotime attendance & payroll management system 9T9 IT Bahrain.

New generation time attendance management software that integrates all devices, whether stand alone or in multi-locations. Get reports such as attendance and overtime directly from home page. Automate payroll (salary & overtime) on set frequency on pre-defined rules. Companies can use the system to perform task such as calculating worker salaries, deductions, overtime and crediting amounts to respective bank accounts. It is an efficient system that is accurate secure and leading to high moral of employees.

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