business erp

When you have multiple departments and each has their own generic software (or none) then managing company becomes very difficult. To have a forward vision and making plans to achieve goals access to data properly classified and sorted is a must. Irrespective of the type of industry ERPNext would greatly assist the business in streamlining process, easing procedural constraints and reducing burden on staff. Do not let sales suffer and customers dejected. Take control of the situation by making admirable decision of moving to ERPNext.
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complete accounts

Bahrain VAT included

ERPNext is a complete accounting system with rich chart of accounts including Bahrain VAT. The modules seamlessly connect with each other to ensure company financials are available in real-time. Automated functions like accounts receivable, payable, outstanding invoices, purchase invoice, bank reconciliation, taxes, budgets, journal entries etc. Mush have reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Profitability, Credit Balance and more.

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complete sales cycle

lead to delivery

Whether your company is selling physical product or services, the Selling module is vital need of every ERP. With ERPNext a business is able to know their best and worst selling product, locations based sales, best customers, best and worst sales team, leads to conversion ratio and run multiple campaigns. Pricing rules can be created on various parameters. SMS and email can be integrated to send quotations, sales order or just informative communication.

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purchase cycle

RFQ to receiving

Save the finite cash by automating purchase cycle. Order on need basis, check multiple supplier quotations and have a transparent purchase cycle. Leverage the credit facilities from supplier to max and pay when due. Keep track of received items and balance remaining to be delivered. Assess suppliers and only work with the top of the line ones. Set auto notification to know when to place fresh orders.

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customer relationship management

service using CRM

ERPNext helps you track business Opportunities from Leads and Customers, send Quotations and make confirmed Sales Orders. Each quotation can be tracked and sales person questioned for non-conversion. Responses are submitted in the system for management knowledge. Multiple reports can drive management in making key changes and build new strategies to enhance growth.

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point of sales system

fast transactions

ERPNext has a clean Point of Sales for retail outlets. Sales person can punch sales orders; collect payments to complete the formality quickly. It works efficiently on any type of tablets, laptops or conventional desktops. Fully automated financial and stock entries eradicate fraud risk. With ERPNext there is not need to purchase separate point of sales, accounting or inventory software as it connects all aspects of business.

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stock management

stock is cash

Be prudent with stock assets. Keep tab on it locations and cost. Track items by serial number, batch number, warranty expiry or service expiry. Schedule deliveries by defining transportation vehicles as logical warehouses. Quality inspection can be conducted and reports submitted into system. 

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assets management

use responsibly

It is important for companies to track every asset. ERPNext can track asset value, depreciate it based on company financial requirements, devalue the item price and inform when the item has reached disposable value.  Track maintenance schedules on set frequency.

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human resources

human capital

ERPNext HR module keeps track of employees data right down to validity of CPR, residence permit, leaves, end of service benefit and attendance. Quick payroll management and salary slip generation. Connected to time attendance devices for accurate work hours. Expense claims easily paid and employee internal loans tracked and deducted. Training assigned and results recorded.

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projects management

timelines accuracy

ERPNext project module is used to track project timelines, direct and indirect cost and tasks. Tasks can have dependencies on other tasks and cost of activity of each task is tracked through time sheets or purchases. Budget can be assigned to the project to keep tab on expenses. Senior management can be brought up to speed with Gantt view. Clients can be billed for hours worked if the activity is chargeable.