e-commerce website

Accelerate your sales with our all integrated e-commerce website platform. It does not matter if you are venturing into world of e-commerce for the first time, we have the expertise to assist you in the journey. Develop a new sales channel that works 24X7 and costs only a fraction.
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user friendly

effective visual navigation

Keeping the e-commerce website simple but effective to help shoppers find what they want faster and without complexity. Makes sales checkout process in minutes if not seconds.

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mobile friendly

sell from any device

More than 60% of internet traffic is on mobile devices. Our e-commerce website intuitively adapts the content to user device giving them a very friendly layout in an uncluttered manner. Creating a mobile-friendly experience for your shoppers will improve sales and potentially your rankings.

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special offers

increase billing

Take advantage of the header section to promote special offers to visitors. Unique pages to drive promotions and engage visitors with enticing promotions to increase sales value.

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new arrivals

showcase your latest products

New arrivals display entice visitors to learn more of the latest products in your store. It also shows that your business in on top of its industry in innovation and speed.

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related items

make it large

User would love “You might like this” signaling curiosity and excitement. Related items in e-commerce website has stickiness effect that potentially upsell more items which are directly related to customer original choice of purchase.

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wish lists

save for future sales

Let visitor make special list for birthdays, Eid, anniversaries and share them with their loved ones that also helps in getting free traffic into your website.

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social media sharing

free marketing

Allow visitors to share your products directly on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also to send product links to WhatsApp, Telegram and more

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quick view of items

Categories help immensely in taking visitors to the items that they are seeking to purchase. Well defined categories sort out products and display that visitors is looking to buy.

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easy checkout

one click sale

Make checkout process seamless and uncluttered. With just few clicks visitors can purchase items of their choice, enter delivery address and get confirmation emails

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payment gateway

secured transactions

Integrate payment checkout with any local gateway like AFS, Benefit Pay, CrediMax or international ones like PayPal and RazorPay. Customer have choice of using their credit card or debit card for making payment of their purchase.

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customer reviews

product quality assurance

Positive customer reviews engage new visitors to your e-commerce website. They also help in converting into real sales when ample positive reviews are posted by buyers.

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privacy policy

be within law

Make sure visitors understand that you care for their privacy. Allow them to read your company privacy policy to give comfort that their data is private and secured.