ERPNext Healthcare

Complete ERP for health services facilities like hospitals & medical clinics.

Doctors and surgeons after an operation.
Operate hospital and medical clinics with ERPNext Healthcare. Comprehensive software comprising of appointment, registration, encounters, vital signs, laboratory, pharmacy, management, medical records, prescriptions and patient medical history. Backed with accounts, HR and Buying modules it is the only software needed.
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Out-patients Management

Register patients with their demographics, identification, contact, relationships, allergies, medical & surgical history. Also record risk factors such as tobacco consumption alcohol consumption, occupation hazards, environmental factor and others.

inpatient management
In-patients Management

A hospital needs to ensure all facilities are available with registering any new in-patient. ERPNExt helps by allocating beds/rooms, treatment plans, service task, billing etc.

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Physician Management

Keep record of all your physicians, work schedule, time per appointment and encounter charges. Link charges to profit center to gauge income per department or physician.

Patient Vital Signs
Vital Signs

Have a robust schedule to ensure patients receive service of high quality at their appointment time.

laboratory microscope
Laboratory Management

Collect samples, conducted analysis and record results in the patient information page. Workflow can be prepared if prior approval is required to conduct test.

Doctor prescription

It is imperative to administer the right amount of medication at the right time. Reduce paper trail by entering all the the information in the patients encounter page which the pharmacy staff can view to dispense medication.

Pharmacy management
Pharmacy Management

Dispense or sell medication at your pharmacy with ERPNExt pint of sales module. Easily track daily sales itemwise to understand which medication is selling highest or lowest.

Laboratory tests
Medical Code Standards

Medical codes are used as a tool to group and identify diseases, disorders, symptoms, poisonings, adverse effects of drugs & chemicals, injuries and other reasons for patient encounters. Diagnostic coding is the translation of written descriptions of diseases, illnesses and injuries into codes from a particular classification. In medical classification, diagnosis codes are used as part of the clinical coding process alongside intervention codes.

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Other Modules

ERPNExt health is packed with other modules such as complete accounting package, human resources, maintenance, stock, assets and integration with 3rd party applications.