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What is an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning,  or ERP as it is usually called, is a complex software which connects all daily business processes like customer relationship management, buying, selling, accounting, human resources and more. It also includes specialized requirements like projects management, manufacturing, fabrication as well as retail point of sales. Whilst every company is different in operational methods and processes, they all face a similar challenge to remain competitive in today’s tough business environment.


ERPNext for all business types, education services and healthcare is a trustworthy and systemic method to accumulate and access information.

ERP for all business

Your company maybe a service provider, a distributor, retail business, into manufacturing or a trading enterprise; ERPNext has all the right modules for every type of industry. It is being used by many types industries across the world. ERPNext is powerful and helps you take full control of your business.

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ERP for education

Along with imparting excellent education, an institute also has prime responsibility of student enrollment, classroom management, course scheduling, examination as well as collecting fees to run its operation. ERPNext has combined its core modules with education center requirements to bring a mature and stable education management system.

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ERP for healthcare service

Improve profitability and productivity hospital with EPNext. It is comprehensively designed to manage all aspects of hospital operations. Be it Out-patient management, Patient Registration, Doctor Appointment, Medical billing, Laboratory management, Pharmacy, DICOM, OpenSource PACS HR, Accounts & more.

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What is ERPNext?

ERPNext is an open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by Frappé Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  It is built on MariaDB database system using a Python based server-side framework. ERPNext is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.

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How does 9T9 IT help me with ERPNext?

9T9 IT is Bahrain based IT company that is specialist in customization, installation, trouble shooting and managing of ERPNext on behalf of its client. It is also “Foundation Member” of  the ERPNext Foundation Open Source Foundation. 9T9 in-house team, consisting of developers and implementation personnel, are ERPNext subject matter experts who have devoted their time in learning, testing and developing of the software to gain in-depth knowledge of all its modules. 9T9 IT also builds new applications based on client needs if it is not part of core ERPNext program.

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What about Bahrain Value Added Tax (VAT)?

ERPNext is GCC VAT complaint. It is currently being used in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates with VAT capabilities by many companies. It has main features like VAT ID, customer and vendor names in Arabic and chart of accounts. Rules can be written to charge VAT by item type or industry type.  9T9 IT has already customized the application for its clients in KSA & UAE hence maybe part of handful Bahrain based companies that understands VAT and is experienced to guide customers on VAT methodology as known in Saudi Arabia and the Untied Arab Emirates.

ERP Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my ERPNext?
ERPNext is accessed through a web browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox but it also works very well with Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Opera or any other not listed here.

Can I access ERPNext through my mobile device?
ERPNext has native Android & iOS application but either is not mandatory as it can also be accessed with mobile browser which gives exact replica of an application.

What about hardware requirement?
ERPNext is very light on hardware requirement. Depending upon size of company and number of concurrent users 9T9 IT would recommend hardware configuration. If the company is small with less than 20 concurrent users then Intel i7 desktop, 8 GB RAM and 2 HDD of 1 TB each would be more than enough. However, hardware may need to be upgraded to professional server if there is change in parameters.

Is ERPNext available only in Bahrain?
No, ERPNext is extensively being used by more than 3000 organizations across 130 countries.

What type of product training and support is needed?
Training is a key step during the implementation phase. Staff that are properly trained will embrace and completely leverage the system as intended. 9T9 IT always insists on including critical staff during the testing phase and expects them to give correct feedback.

Are there any unexpected additional costs?
While the scope of work is defined during in the initial discussion stage there may arise new cost due to external and/or internal factors such as change in hardware pricing, increase in private server cost etc. The internal factors can include change in business objective, new customization requests after finalization of pricing, legacy contractual constraints or refinement of business processes around the new ERP solution.

Why should I get ERP for my company?
The prime reason of conducting business activity is to generate profit for the shareholders. Investing in ERPNext will bring attractive Return on Investment (ROI) over long period of time. ROI does not just imply financial benefits but it also can be  quantified in terms of increase in efficiency, productivity or improvement in overall business performance. Better transparency with regards to company information helps in making strategic decisions for sustainable sales growth.

I run a small company, will it benefit from the ERPNext?
Irrespective of size of the company, ERP becomes need of the hour when the owner realizes that all financial or departmental process are being handled on spreadsheets and physical paper; data is not easily available or accessible when needed, big risk of physical documents  being easily manipulated, business is growing but the extent of size remains unknown or increase in customer complaints due to operation issues.

My company has branches out of Bahrain, how will be accessed?
Multiple branches can be formed with each having a budget amount. Users out of Bahrain can access the system through a url on any web browser.

What is the time-frame for an ERP implementation?
9T9 IT would like to ensure implementation phase is completed within 1 to maximum 2 months so that business can start benefiting from the new system in short time. There are times when delay is inevitable due to conditions beyond its control such as unavailability of client’s critical staff, delay by client on feedback , not adhering to project payment plan etc.

What about after-sales support?
ERPNext is a matured product hence needs low to minimum after sales support. 9T9 strives to deliver a robust product backed with in-depth training to the users. The company gives 30 days of free onsite support upon completion of the implementation phase. Clients can purchase Annual Maintenance Contract for after implementation support. However, AMC is not mandatory as support can be provided on hourly basis as and when needed.

What about ERPNext security?
ERPNext is accessed through a user ID and a password. The administrator can ensure user get access to module or documents on “Need Basis”.

Can ERPNext be blocked during non-working hours?
Yes, login access can be given during working hours only. Further, fixed IP address can be assigned for accessing the site.

Can ERPNext site made SSL?
SSL certificate can be assigned to the site to encrypt transmission of data. Company would need to purchase SSL certificate from a service provider like VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust etc.

Does ERPNext support 3rd party authentication?
Authentication can be done using Social Keys like Facebook, Google or GitHub. It also supports LDAP and OAuth. Microsoft Active Directory can be used through a middleware such as Bitium.

What about Business Intelligence Reports?
ERPNext has multiple reports to create in-depth Business Intelligence. Based on business requirements ERPNext database can be plugged into business intelligence application such as Metabase. This would allow users to pull custom reports upon request.

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