Hotel Management System

All in one integrated hotel system to run property of any size.

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A hospitality solution that works seamlessly across all departments of any type of hotel. Give your guest the best service on the back of a robust software.
Room reservation in Hotel Management System


Check availability quickly and make reservation. With one click remove no show or canceled bookings. Confirm reservation and update bookings. Ensure system stores guest preference. Go extra mile by allocating guest transportation service to and from the hotel.

Front Desk in Hotel Management System

Front Desk

The life of hotel is the front desk. Reputation are made here hence give your staff a system that would assist them in quickly assigning rooms, complete check-in & check-out efficiently, upgrade guests rooms whilst ably capturing guest latest information.

Room Service module of Hotel Management System


An efficient housekeeping team not just keeps the rooms clean and tidy but gives “WOW” impression to the guests. The system allows housekeeping team to complete task without any roadblocks and management complete picture of housekeeping operations.

Restaurant module of Hotel Management System


Connect all the food outlets with the main system to allow guest to sign-in for food consumption. Bill the amount to guest rooms allowing them to pay at the check-out time. Track revenue generated by each guest for marketing purpose and complimentary stays.

Laundry management of Hotel Management System


Collect laundry from guest rooms and bill them directly. Laundry system can also be used to collect and charge non-guests who prefer your hotel laundry. Differentiate between hotel and paid customer laundry. Easily chose the type of service such as dry cleaning, ironing, laundry etc.

Profitability calculation in Hotel Management System

Pricing & Revenue

Strategically building perfect pricing will keep the hotel margins healthy and guests happy. Regulate pricing based on occupancy with various type of pricing. Offer special rates to partners such as travel agencies & websites, car rental and any other types.

Events and Banquet of Hotel Management System

Events & Banquets

Hosting of banquet and events can make huge impression on the profit margin, especially during low room’s occupancy season. Custom packages can be made and marketed quickly. With a system that allows for hosting events, hotels can benefit from event and catering management.

Online booking module of Hotel Management System

Online Booking

Majority of booking are generated online hence having a distribution network that works smoothly is always a boon. Allow guests to book rooms on your website or third parties such Expedia, Agoda,, Asia Rooms, and more.

Rooms phone billing of Hotel Management System


Integrate your hotel system with 3rd party software such as ERP, telephone system, room door access control, SMS, credit card processing, authentication system (biometric systems), cable television networks and fiscal printers. By streamlining all systems, guests are free to use resources at ease.

Minibar of Hotel Management System

Mini Bar

Make extra revenue through the mini bars in every room. Manage inventory, consumption and bill to guests at check-out. Order room service to re-stock based on guest check-out.

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