Misconceptions of CCTV System

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Through this article we would like to clear some misconceptions of CCTV system. It is very common to realize that customers have a completely opposite knowledge of CCTV system than real facts. Without getting into technicalities here are some misconceptions of CCTV system we regularly clear with our customers in Bahrain.

Your local electrician can install any CCTV system.

While it can be true but our experience is different when it comes to repairing or trouble shooting existing system installed by electrician from civil or mechanical contracting companies. They do the job but it is best to leave it to experts understand blind spots, estimated external power, accessories to use RJ45 cable for both power & data and biggest of all configure the DVR/NVR. In the long runs it is always better to give CCTV system installation to expert like our company than have issues coming up very frequently.

High Definition cameras are better.

Yes high definition cameras are better for recording purpose. But this comes with cost of increment in storage capacity. You would get larger files which would greatly reduce the days of recorded video footage. To record more you would need to add more storage capacity to the DVR.

Mobile devices will not buffer and show high definition footage when viewed from remote location.

Business owners can monitor their property from remote location using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The video quality or buffering is all dependent on the upload speed at the property and the download speed of mobile device. It would give grainy picture or keep buffering (black screen) if the speed is not enough at either points. It also depends on the property owner internet service provider. We have live examples of customer being able to view very well in GCC but had issues in other countries using the same device.

CCTV is only used to deter theft by third party elements or staff.

It has been proven that CCTV system have reduced the possibility of crime occurring but it can also be used for other services. Business owners can view footage of customer interaction with their employees, areas within their outlet frequently visited by customers as well as habits of customer shopping. The information can greatly assist in making the necessary changes to strategy to increase revenue. All this can be done from remote location. Customer can shop freely without getting uneasy about knowing that someone observing them.

Installation of CCTV is the End of all Security Requirement.

In reality installation of CCTV system is the beginning of your business physical security requirement. You can have the best system but if left it unmanaged then crime can occur without you knowing it. It is imperative that the footage is viewed in live environment. But if business owners cannot allocate staff then they should at a minimum view footage once a day.

CCTV is invasion of customer privacy.

It would be definitely invasion of privacy if you were to have cameras installed in private areas like change room or washrooms. As business owner you need to make sure you put up CCTV notices in prominent areas. These notices inform customers that their activity is monitored. Business has right to monitor their property to keep customers, employees and assets safe.

Anyone with access to CCTV system can use it for nefarious purpose.

You can safeguard nefarious usage of CCTV recording by password protecting the DVR. Make your password hard to break by choosing 8 or more characters. Use a mix of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters. The longer the password all the more difficult to break. Never share password with anyone who does not need to access your DVR. In addition you use the inbuilt function in your DVR of storage (HDD) encryption. If the HDD is stolen then it would not work in any other DVR or computer.

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