Kids Kingdom Bahrain is a multi-location children amusement park. It is also very well known for the iconic mini train ride for children and adults around the Marina area opposite Exhibition Road. When Kids Kingdom was seeking to automate the park operations they chose us to assist in all hardware supply an installation.

Prior to the automation all the operational process were run on manual mode using paper based tickets and cash collection. Kids Kingdom had contracted Intercard for the park management software and 9T9 Information Technology for the hardware.

The job was to connect 3 locations (Manama, Marina Beach and the Juffair Mall outlet) to a primary database. However, each location was to have local transaction servers which will act as intermediary devices for local storage of data before being synced with the primary server. Through this design continuity of business is assured in instance of data connection loss with primary server.

Based on Marina site visit it was understood that the outdoor park area is about 50 meters away from the indoor gaming section. The transaction servers were to be placed inside the indoor games location. However, laying of data cables was not allowed as the property belong to the Manama Municipality. Alternative solution was to be found that would ensure seamless data flow between both locations. The solution is mentioned below.

After understanding complete job a bill of material was drawn. The items needed
1. 1 unit Dell R540 Rack Server Intel Xeon Silver, 32 GB RAM, Dual Power
2. 4 units Dell R230 Rack Servers Intel Xeon 8 GB RAM for transaction servers
3. Windows Server Operating system 2019 for the server; to be downgraded to 2016 as required by Intercard
4. Windows Standard SQL 2017 for primary database; to be downgraded to 2016 as required by Intercard.
5. Point of Sales (POS) machines having i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) and Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
6. Windows 10 Operating System for POS machines.
7. Epson TM-T88V thermal printers.
8. Sophos XG85/86 wired VPN devices at each location.
9. APC UPS battery back-up at each location.
10. Wireless access points for games on which standard Cat6 UTP cables.
11. Standard WiFi routers to connect with Access Points.
12. 37U Server cabinets.
13. Ubiquiti AC MESH PRO.
14. Cash Drawers.
15. Multiple boxes of Schneider U/UTP Cat 6 cables.

Scope of Work was
1. Fixing of 37U Rack cabinets at each location.
2. Configuration of RAID5 on each server.
3. Installation and configuration of Windows operating systems on each server and point of sales machines.
4. Installation of Microsoft SQL Standard Database on primary Dell R540 Server.
5. Configuration of Sophos VPN devices across all 3 location plus head office.
6. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) configuration for head office access to each server at remote locations.
7. Installation, configuration and testing of Ubiquiti AC MESH PRO devices.
8. Schneider APC UPS installation and configuration.
9. Installation, configuration and creating on Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Sophos XG85/86.
10. Configuration of ISP delivered routers to work seamlessly with the VPN devices.
11. Upgrading of legacy Lenovo servers.
12. Assisting Intercard team during software installation process

The issue of connection two remote locations at Marina Beach area opposite Exhibition Road was solved by installing 2 units of Ubiquiti AC MESH PRO on tall poles at each location. Both units were logically bound together to work within one network. They were dumb down to only work as data transmitters. For security reason WIFI access setting were disabled and deleted from each device. The units were thoroughly tested for speed and were found to be working way above the expectation.

Kids Kingdom now has all the games (approximately 300 equipment) in 3 location automated. Due to IT automation, Customers can now purchase data card at one location and use available credit at any location. They can top-up the cards or check credit availability at whichever location they are at.

We are grateful to the Kids Kingdom management in trusting us with such a large IT automation project and we hope we have kept the trust by delivering the project within the timeline and beyond their expectation.

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