Restaurant Management Software – Akaya Bar and Bistro

The Akaya Bar & Bistro is a lovely A grade dining place in Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain. Nestled in Block 338 it is housed in a multi-floor villa. The owners are from well-known business family who have been into trading of food items for more than half century in Bahrain. However, this was the first foray into hospitality business. They had limited knowledge of with restaurant management software system and its peripherals like point of sales and  types of printers.

They needed vendors who would not just provide solution but would work closely along with their team to achieve their business objective. The vendors should act as impartial consultants, provide valuable feedback and guide them on the best methodology to achieve results.

The found such partner in 9T9 Information Technology. At start, the discussion was on the restaurant management software. The system was to be designed on three kitchen areas that would be used as per the menu categories; Drinks, Main Course and Desserts. We advised them to use hardware in the following ways:

1. The Drinks section to have two point of sales terminals for order billing and payment collection. Based on crowd expectation the need for second machine would arise shortly. It would be prudent to have network and system in place whilst the place is being renovated.

2. Dining area would have one point of sales for billing and payment collection.

3. Microsoft Windows tablets to be handed to waiters to take order.

4. A PC to work as server for the system.

5. The whole system to work off one database located in the server PC.

The project was completed as following:

1. Point of Sales Machines: POSLab brand Wave POS 66 having running on Intel BayTrail Processor, 4 GB RAM and

500 GB HDD were used. 9T9 Information Technology is the authorized distributor of all POSLab brand of hardware in Bahrain. POSLab is Taiwan based company that specializes in design and manufacture of POS terminals, ARM motherboards, Book PC, Industrial PDA and Touch LCD monitors. Poslab is an all-rounder in hardware design for X86 & ARM, software applications for Windows & Android.

2. Restaurant Software: The trusted Abacre Restaurant Management software was installed in all devices which was connected to the Firebird central database management system running in sever PC. All connections were routed through Firebird distribution network by ensuring ports were open only for internal usage whilst keeping secrecy intact.


3. POS Operating Software: To bring higher efficiency we used Windows POS Ready 7 opposed to the Windows 7 Professional as seen with almost all installations in Bahrain. Windows Embedded POSReady is a flexible OS designed to seamlessly connect point-of-service solutions with peripherals, servers and services.

4. Printers: Two types of printers were used in this project. A USB only type for printing receipts and RJ45 enabled ones for kitchen notifications.

5. Tablets: 8.95 screens operating on Windows 10 and having cover case and hard keyboard.

6. Access Points: Ubiquity long range access points installed for tablet devices usage as well as other.

7. Structured Cabling: We designed the cable structure and installed it across the premises primarily for point of sales and notification printer usage. However, additional points were installed for future needs.

8. Receipt Print Design: As Akaya is a “Restaurant for Tourist Services” it is subjected to 10% Bahrain Government Levy. The system was tuned to charge 10% levy over menu items cost plus service charge. Through HTML coding the receipt was designed in accordance with the business requirement which included logo print on payment receipts.

After through testing we are quite pleased that the whole system is easy to use and lightning fast. Having worked for many years in hospitality industry and being exposed to various types of software in their previous employment the users well well-versed with pros and cons of system. We were delighted with the feedback from them that our software is very easy to learn and use as against their experiences even with global brand system. Our software also gives them much more controls on the management process and can be quickly modified as per their needs.

We also installed an employee Time and Attendance system that could manage shifts and create logs of total hours worked. In addition we also installed CCTV to cover all the area of the premises.

It was a pleasure to work with Akaya team who were willing to spend time in learning and were eager to excel in their job responsibilities. We wish Akaya the very best and thank them in making us part of their journey from the idea inception stage.