Retail Pharmacy Management Software

Our client, Normandy Pharmacy, is a well-established medication retailer in Bahrain. They are been in business since January 2017. During this time they were using an inventory and retail pharmacy management software from a supplier based in Bahrain. The Normandy team found the other software to be cumbersome, difficult to use and unreliable. Their retail pharmacy management software was prone to failure leading to financial loss due. It lacked many primary functions need for a pharmacy outlet.

Normandy Pharmacy was working towards opening a new pharmacy outlet in Riffa. They wanted to manage back-end of the new outlet from their main office in Manama. At the same instant they wanted to convert the Manama outlet from the previous retail pharmacy management software to a new one which would completely eradicate the issues in their current software. We understood the clients’ requirements and offered our retail pharmacy management software.

Our retail pharmacy management software features includes:
  • Quick Billing
  • Retail Point for Sales
  • Detailed Stock Management
  • Batch Management
  • Items Expiry Date
  • Financial Accounting
  • Bahrain Value Added Tax
  • Barcode Printing
  • SMS Integration
  • Custom Sales Invoice
  • Analytical Reports
  • Stock Management
  • Weighing Scale Integration
  • Discount Coupons and Offers
  • Event Log Management
  • Access Rights
  • Reorder levels
Installation and Usability

Client tested our retail pharmacy management software thoroughly and we moved it into production. A single database was created at the head office. Manama and Riffa outlets were connected to the database at the head office. To ensure that business functions smoothly both point of sales were connected to the database using a sync server. The software ensures that selling is not affected when internet connections is broken between outlets and the head office. The outlets continue to sell items without any hindrance. When internet connection is established data from outlets is synced with the head office server.

Client now gets sales and stock report of each outlet independently. It is now very easy for the inventory management team to conduct stock reconciliation. Reordering of items is a breeze. With just few clicks a new purchase order can be created. It is normal for medicine distributors to offer free of charge (FOC) items to retail pharmacies based on purchase value. Our system understands this business process. It can be tuned to accept the additional received FOC items. FOC in our retail pharmacy management software can be added to drive down buying cost or to accept is at zero cost.

Items batch and expiry control

Items batch and expiry dates are managed by printing independent barcode stickers that are fixed on the items. At the time of sales the barcode is scanned which ensures the retail pharmacy management software deducts items based on expiry date. Various reports helps the client in tracking soon-to-be expired items. They can now easily coordinate with distributors to ensure expiring medication are transferred when needed. Other types of items can now be easily sold as special offers. The special offers can be discounted pricing and/or bundled free items for payment of one or more items.

Our retail pharmacy management software also has complete accounting functions including provisions for upcoming Bahrain Value Added. As pharmacies are also selling taxable items like cosmetics the feature to charge Bahrain VAT would be very important. Payments to suppliers, rental, electricity, ministries, salaries and other expenses are recorded through our retail pharmacy management software double entry journal fiance function. This has greatly assisted in the business to understand its profitability and generate balance sheet. As more than 200 different types of reports are generated the management team is able to make science based strategies.

We also scheduled the retail pharmacy management software to send daily email digest of sales and expenses. The system is capable of sending additional information on schedule basis.

Long-term benefits

Our retail pharmacy management software solution is future proof. It is easily possible to add more terminals within the current locations or new at new outlets as they open. Client can now purchase additional license and hardware to connect to existing database.