Client:  Bahrain’s leading ladies and gents salon. It has branches at Ritz Carlton, Regency InterContinental and the Four Season Hotel. Client was seeking a top notch salon spa management POS software.


Use Case: Client was using multiple software for various task. Microsoft Dynamics was used for retails sales. An online booking system was used for making customer appointments. Tally was used to manage accounts. Every software was independent without and connection between the,

Primary Objective

1. Manage Bookings: All bookings were managed using an online booking website. However, the booking application was not linked to the sales POS. Client wanted to ensure user are able to quickly take booking. mark customer as arrived, follow-up with non-show and quickly bill the appointment as sale invoice for services and items.

2. Inventory management: As there was no proper inventory management system, the back office staff had to record all purchase and sales in manual mode.

3. Accounting: Automate many aspects of accounting like purchase and sales. Customer wanted to reduce manual entries to the lowest possible.

4. Purchase: Record all purchase items and its respective value. Quickly transfer the stock from one location to another. Fast stock taking and reconciliation.

5. Reports: Client requested for multiple complex reports which can be generated on click of button.

The Solution

We offered an all integrated salon spa management POS software. A cloud based database with local application to ensure business keeps running without interruption when there is a break in the internet. Our salon & spa management POS software has all the features like appointments, point of sales. accounting, Bahrain VAT, inventory management, purchase, employee commission, packages, coupons, offers, SMS integration. gift cards  and more. Easily deployed and simple to extend to new outlets or POS terminals. And it keeps track of Bahrain VAT on purchase and sales.

Appointments and Bookings

User can quickly schedule an appointment by selecting customer and service. Reschedule of appointment is a simple drag & drop. The calendar can be customized to view upcoming appointments in day, week and month view by each employee. It can be set to business operation time, week days and all types of holidays. Based on customer choice an employees can be selected for each service that customer has booked for. With a SMS pack and/or email service customer can be notified of when booking is made or rescheduled. Best of all the system records and track no-show or cancelled appointments. This helps the business in managing the booking calendar through historical data.

Point of Sales

The booking in the salon spa management POS software is easily converted into Check-in and then into sales invoice. System fetches all service rendered with its pricing from the booking form. Items that are purchased by clients can be quickly added to the same invoice. The POS support multiple modes of payment cash, card, Benefit Pay, stc Wallet, BWallet etc. The invoice can be paid in one or multiple mode of payments. The day closing report includes total transactions, total sales, and breakdowns of cash flow, and tender type. The daily sales report collates with various payment modes along with category and items that got sold. Accounts team can match cash register slips with total of invoice sales to balance books of accounts.

Inventory management through purchase and sales

The salon spa management POS software provides many intuitive ways of managing, tracking and correcting inventory. It is used to maintain stock levels of required products based on business needs. Notifications about low stock to reorder stock can be defined to make sure reorder is timely. When a sales occurs the software deducts the sold item and reduces the cost of it. This makes sure that inventory and financial records are accurate.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

The salon spa management POS software has an in-built financial accounting system that tracks transactions from sales, purchase, inventory, payroll, and expenses. It gives a complete picture of the company’s financial status. Accounts team can filter the information down to profitability, expense, sales and inventory of each location. Further, it is easy for compiling Bahrain VAT of the company or independent location. Generating Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports are done in few mouse clicks.

Employee and Commission Management

Employee roles and commission rate for services and products are pre-defined in the system. Management get reports with details of services given with total amount. The salon spa management POS software manages each employee’s expertise, work shifts, and days off. The supervisor now knows who is working at the salon at a specific time.

Packages & Promotions

In the salon spa management POS software custom packages can be easily made. Each package can have a start and end date and time. Recurring packages can be set like every Sunday from 4 PM to 8 PM. Particular packages can be activated/deactivated as and when required. The sales promotion setup is used to offer discounts, coupons or gift cards to increase sales.


Multiple reports like item consumption, hourly sales, highest selling item etc. were created to ease understanding of business. Now each item group profitability can be pulled in just couple of clicks. Reports are used to understand sales volume, peak time, items consumption and commission calculation.

The Result

An accurate and transparent work process which has eliminated multiple mundane work. All information is in real-time which gives stake holders ample time to take important decisions. Our salon spa management POS software has brought all business operation under one umbrella. It has streamlined almost all aspects of business that has increased  profitability, staff productivity and greatly reduced risk of theft of inventory.

Contact us for your unique use case that can be managed by our salon spa management POS software.

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