GPS/GPRS Solution

Tracking solutions for vehicles, machines, fuel, concrete ready-mix trucks & temperature

Vehicle Odometer 9T9 IT Bahrain Vehicle Tracking Solution.
Track vehicles location in real time. Know if the vehicles is in motion or idle. Question the driver for extended idle mode. Increase staff productivity and save on vehicle fuel consumption.

Vehicles Tracking

Car in fast lane 9T9 IT Vehicles Tracking Solution

With increase in fuel prices, maintenance and the expected arrival of Bahrain VAT it is imperative for businesses to monitor how, where and when are their vehicles being used. 9T9 vehicle tracking solution offer a comprehensive system that gives valuable insights to make cost saving decisions.

Location Tracking

Know whereabouts of your vehicles in near real-time. Find the movement direction as well. Vehicles can be tracked within Bahrain and the GCC.

Vehicle Status

Know whether the vehicle is in motion, idling or stopped. Also understand the direction of the vehicle to ascertain if it needs to be on that route.


Set areas where the vehicle is supposed to be working. Get instant notification when vehicle has entered or left the area.

Immobilization (Optional)

Disable and lock down the vehicle during emergency such as vehicle theft or unauthorized usage.

Fuel Consumption

Bulldozer front view 9T9 IT Bahrain Fuel Consumption Solution.

Fuel theft is a chronic problem specially in the construction industry. It is difficult to track exact fuel (petrol/diesel) consumption of heavy machines or power generators located at remote site. With 9T9 fuel consumption solution businesses would know how much fuel is being used and understand the consumption trend.

Live Machine Tracking

Get complete knowledge of how fuel is being consumed by your machines. Find root cause of sharp consumption to take swift actions to save cost.

Machine Status

Know whether the machine is switched or stopped. Also understand the location to ascertain whether it needs to be in that area.


Classify assets by groups and projects which helps to understand number and type of machine located at the site. Easily deploy machines or retrieve through accurate classification and location.


Set areas where the machine is supposed to be working. Get instant notification when machine has entered or left the area.

Immobilization (Optional)

Disable and lock down the vehicle during emergency such as vehicle theft or unauthorized usage.

Refrigeration Tracking

Supermarket refrigerator 9T9 IT Bahrain Retail Software.

Is refrigerated goods like frozen items, ice cream, fruits and vegetables safe in your store or transportation trucks? Have you planned for preserving your inventory due to fluctuation in fridge temperature or power outage? 9T9 IT refrigerated items tracking helps you to take swift action to save perishable goods due to sudden upsurge or drop in temperature.

Temperature Tracking

Track temperature of your refrigerated trucks or warehouse. Set range of high-low temperature to be notified if real temperature has exceed the limits.

Refrigerated Truck Status

Track status of your refrigerated to quickly and easily reach it during emergency such as refrigeration unit malfunction.

Door Status

Get to know when and how long has was the chiller door left open that may be root cause of temperature fluctuation.


Get notified instantly via SMS or email if the real temperature has breached the safety limits or failure of external power.


Get hourly graph report of temperature movement which helps in understanding root of sudden drop or rise.

Readymix Transportation

Readymix concrete truck trips tracking solution 9T9 IT Bahrain.

During construction phase cement is integral part. It needs to be delivered on time and in right quantity to the site. The quantity defines number of trips by each ready-mix truck. Delay or failure in delivery can cause major loss of time and money. 9T9 IT readymix truck solutions helps in ensuring delivery is on time and offloaded quantity is as per requirement.

Live Truck Status

Know on real-time basis if the truck in on the way to delivery site or return journey.

Trips Completed

Easily find the number of trips the ready-mix truck has completed since start of day. Track per trip time and route. Get to know how many stops and its duration has the truck made per trip.


Know whether concrete truck is at the construction site and its proximity to mobile truck mounted concrete pump.


Through online dash-board who how many trucks are available for refill and make delivery schedule accordingly.

Cement Discharge

Know when and where was did the cement discharge occur. Also understand the duration of the discharge event to calculate average discharge volume.

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