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An all-in-one integrated Avaya & Grand Stream VoIP solutions for all size of businesses

VOIP telephone hardware by 9T9 IT Bahrain
Empower your business with our award winning IP telephony and video conference solutions. A complete range that has been built with every business requirement in mind. From IP Voice & Video, to IP networking and conferencing, we deliver the tools any organization needs to be successful. Products that are reliable and innovative.
Grand Stream GD1628

IP Telephones
Customized solution for every user which is easy and quickly accessible. A perfect network solution that is available from desk and mobile phones. Always be there to take or make that important call to client.

Grand Stream gxv3275 phones 9T9 IT Bahrain.

IP Video Telephony
State-of-the-art Android operating system devices that make video conferencing quick and efficient right from user desk. Manages workload smoothly to help individuals collaborate with colleagues and customers across the globe.

Grand Stream GVC3202 video conference camera 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Video Conference
Next level of collaboration with Grand Stream conferencing solution. Completely integrated audio and video for ease of communication and drive up productivity. Easily deployed on any type of network.

Grand Stream PBX devices 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Extensive range of PBX devices featuring easy to manage on premise installation. Best of all, it comes with no licensing fees. Choose devices that fits your business size and budget.

Grand Stream PoE Switches 9T9 IT Bahrain.

Gateway & ATA
Invest in protecting your analog communication to create a high-quality and manageable hybrid IP telephony solution. Integrate your analog phones to get high definition audio quality. Create call tree that ensures customer calls are received by right person in a silky smooth work-flow.

GS Wave Application

Mobile Application
The Grandstream Wave softphone application enable users to move freely and continue to receive and make calls from any business SIP account. It allows users to connect to their SIP accounts from anywhere in the world. Utilize on any Android or iOS device to increase mobility and stay connected to essential communications.

VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP (voice over internet protocol)?
Basically, it is technology of using internet to make phone calls, instead of the old-fashioned phone network called as PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network). All smartphone based calling applications like WhatsApp, Skype, imo etc. are routed through it. Even telecom operators who are offering reduced rates for international calling are routing calls through VoIP.

How does VoIP work?
It converts voice/sound into packets of data which is transmitted through your internet network or Internet Protocol as it is technically called.

Who can I call with VoIP?
Calls can be made to anyone with a regular phone number. Internal calls are made to extensions hence no charge is incurred. Internal calls are routed on your network connections so your colleague sitting in different country will be connected through data network and without any calling charge.

What are the benefits?
Calls are made through data network which is relatively cheaper than per minute/second standard call rates applied by telecommunication provider. To make international calls companies can purchase call package according to needs. These rates come at fraction of cost versus standard direct dialing rates. Other benefits are:
Have one network for both voice and video calls.
No requirement of adding telephone lines as the system can run on wired or wireless data network.
Easily add or delete users as needed.
Reduction in staff station move as new cables laying is not required.
Accessible within or out of office. Staff can use system as they move around different locations.

Can I make conference calls?
Yes, all types of calls can be made including conference calls. Number of participants would depend on your hardware and configuration.

What equipment’s do I need?
In summary all you need are a broadband Internet connection and a VoIP-enabled phone; a traditional phone connection and PBX device to make private network.

What about voice clarity?
VoIP now comes with HD quality audio and video. However, the clarity is determined by quality of hardware and data connection speed. In today’s world VoIP has been found to exceed traditional phone voice quality.

Can it be used over mobile phones?
Yes, it is easily done through mobile applications. You need to download and configure the application to start using your office phone through any smartphone or tablets.

Do we need to purchase hardphones?
Purchasing of hardphones is purely company requirement as VoIP can be accessed through softphone installed on computer. However, keeping hardphones close to employees assists in quickly retrieving calls.

How fast does my Internet connection have to be?
VoIP calling is not bandwidth hungry. Users can simultaneously watch video, surf internet, access emails while being on a phone call. By configuring the system voice calls traffic can be given priority over other to ensure clear call.

Does my computer need to be on for me to make a call?
No, unless you are using a softphone. All you need to call with VoIP is an active broadband internet connection.

Grand Stream DP720 VoIP cordless phone 9T9 IT Bahrain.
Grand Stream gxp2170 VoIP Desk Phone 9T9 IT Bahrain.
Grand Stream gac2500 audio conference phone 9T9 IT Bahrain.
Grand Stream GVC3200 Video Conference Camera with remote 9T9 IT Bahrain.
Desk Video Conference Phone 9T9 IT Bahrain.
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