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ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. The software assists in running business processes smoothly and efficiently. Multiple modules per departments like accounts, purchase sales, human resources inventory and more are inter-connected. The connection provides seamless data across the organization. At 9T9 IT we have built an intelligent ERP solution that compliments business process to rapidly adapt to everchanging landscapes.

Our clients stay ahead of competition due to our cost reduction, scale and continuous update of our ERP.

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What can enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems do?

Automate routine tasks
Spend your time on what matters most by automating tasks that once took time, effort, and resources. Automate reports, set triggers and alerts, and assign tasks to the right team members.

Enterprise resource planning systems are a critical tool in unifying operations across the many departments businesses must manage. Instead of disparate processes, communication challenges between departments, and outdated systems, enterprise resource planning systems provide insight and visibility across your business.

Provide a single source of intelligence
Regardless of the needs of your customers and partners, enterprise resource planning systems help you stay aligned across your assets, employees, and goals—which means your team can work better together.

Unify operations
Connect your warehouses, suppliers, subsidiaries, and teams through a unified system, giving you total visibility of your supply chain all throughout the globe.

Identify areas needing support
Full visibility into your business operations lets you quickly spot trends, downturns, or operational challenges that need your attention, helping you keep your business running at optimal capacity.

Benefits of an ERP (enterprise resource planning systems)

In addition to driving improved visibility and insight, here are additional benefits that enterprise resource planning systems can bring your business:

More efficient operations.
Real-time insights and predictive intelligence come together to help you easily and efficiently identify and resolve anything that hinders optimal operations.

Lower costs.
Improved efficiencies, budget control, and financial process automation let you keep a close watch on your costs and help identify areas for improvement.

Shared best practices.
Connected departments make knowledge-sharing easier than ever, helping elevate all departments to their best performance.

Improved team productivity.
Smoother operations and a central source of information boost productivity by bringing together people, data, and processes.

Smarter strategies.
Connected data takes you beyond outdated spreadsheets, helping you plan growth using dynamic views of future strategic opportunities.

Must Have Features of an ERP

As you explore different tools for resource planning or cloud ERP, make sure you find a system with the following features:

Multi-department integration
Look for a system that allows you to integrate a wide range of data and functions across your business, such as finance, manufacturing, human resources, inventory, and sales.

Built-in intelligence
Machine learning and artificial intelligence can provide insights that help transform your products and customer interactions, guiding your teams to the right business outcomes.

Adaptable platform
Customize, extend, and integrate your solution with other apps, offering confidence your enterprise resource planning system will meet your needs as your business grows.

Integration with other systems
Invest in a system that offers a unified experience, letting you connect and share data across different apps.

Global capabilities
Multi-national organizations must monitor country-specific compliance and tax guidelines. If your business operates throughout the globe, look for a global ERP solution.

Our ERP Modules

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Our veterinary clinic management software is for multi-purpose usage. In addition to clinic operations, it also has a robust point of sales (POS) for retail sales of pet items. It records animal history, vital signs, stores important files, tracks inventory, sales and manages all financial transactions including Bahrain VAT.

Pharmacy ERP
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Bahrain’s leading Pharmacy Management Software. Trusted by 20+ small to large retail pharmacies with multiple locations across the country. Complete with inventory control and Bahrain VAT reports. Customized to provide all reports required by National Health Regulatory Authority (Bahrain).

Optometry ERP
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Our Optometry (Optical Store) Software records refraction tests to get your eyeglasses prescription. The software can be customized to send auto emails after few months to customers to remind them that fresh test needs to be performed. Used by 4 of the top 10 optical stores in Bahrain.

Property Management ERP
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Manage all properties with one holistic software. Record tenant data, auto schedule rental invoices, be updated of unpaid invoice, keep track of assets in each property and more. The facility management module assists in tracking maintenance, cost and time. All features backed by IFRS standard accounts module with Bahrain VAT.