ERP for kitchen equipment supplier

Client: A leading household and industrial kitchen equipment supplier in Bahrain.

Use Case: Client wanted to streamline the purchase, sales, warehousing, accounting and VAT process.

Primary Objective

1. Track Purchase Cost: Client imports items from multi nations like UAE, Turkey, Germany etc. The purchase currency is in USD or the local currency of the supplier

2. Inventory management: Client has multiple warehouses and retail stores. As major portion of business is from B2B operation tracking inventory at the warehouse was crucial to ensure smooth operation.

3. Accounting: Automate many aspects of accounting like purchase and sales. Customer wanted to reduce manual entries to the lowest possible.

4. Reports: Client requested for multiple complex reports which can be generated on click of button.

The Solution

We offered ERPNext integrated with our custom application

International Purchase in multiple currencies
Based on supplier invoices client now make purchases in currencies other than Bahraini Dinar as base currency. The currency conversion rate ensure that every purchase is correctly converted to base currency.

Landed cost voucher
The landed cost voucher is used to add additional cost such as transportation, customs, logistic companies’ fees and charges. Post addition of the cost per unit item accurate as it can be.

Majority of accounting is automated which touches on important documents such as sales and payment entries. Our system passes appropriated general ledger entries to keep the accounting books in complete balance. Central accounting information helps business owners get real time information of sales, inventory, purchase, cash and credit balance of B2B and B2C business. Business owners are aware daily of value of business per branch and overall sales by the group.

Point of Sales
For retail sales the business uses Point of Sales (POS) billing feature. The POS support multiple modes of payment cash, card, Benefit Pay, stc Wallet, BWallet etc. The invoice can be paid in one or multiple mode of payments. The day closing report includes total transactions, total sales, and breakdowns of cash flow, and tender type. The daily sales report collates with various payment modes along with category and items that got sold. Accounts team can match cash register slips with total of invoice sales to balance books of accounts.

As per clients’ needs and logic additional reports were created. The reports can be created on demand or scheduled to be emailed at a frequency to group of users.

Bahrain Value Added Tax (VAT)
The system calculates the VAT automatically. User is able produce VAT report as per NBR layout. The VAT filing calculation process has been reduced from days to just few minutes.

The Final Result
An accurate and transparent work process which has eliminated multiple mundane work. All information is in real-time which give the stake holders ample time to take important decisions. Our ERP software has streamlined almost all aspects of business that has increased profitability, staff productivity

Overall, our retail management software has been above customer expectation and is very happy with the return on investment. Contact us for your unique use case that can be managed by our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

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