Optometry ERP software for Optical Business Ehsan Optics – Bahrain


Client: A leading optometry retail chain operating 10 branches across Bahrain needing an optometry ERP software.

Use Case: Complete operation was being managed by multiple software that were no connected to each other

Primary Objective: Customized optometry ERP software for optical business for managing every business operation within one system.

Our client is operates a business of optometry (optical) industry. Business is conducted from 10 remote retail branches, multiple lens labs and a head office. The operation was managed by using multiple software for retail, inventory and accounting. As none of these were connected to each other group level information was difficult to be created. It was done manually by merging data on Excel templates.

The Solution

We created an independent app to record all eye vision testing and recording. Data fields were as per standard optometry requirement.  Each optical prescription has a unique ID connected to customer. This document keeps record of historical data which assists the optometrist to gauge the difference between current and previous tests. Optometrist is also able to record any anomaly or notes to the document.

Once the eyes test is completed customer is able to choose a frame of their choice for making spectacles. On once click the document is converted into a sales order that populates result of eye test and spectacle frame choice. From here onwards status of the sales order is tracked by the system.

On successful completion of each process the document status if changed. The first status is “Process Pending” followed followed by “Processing at Lab” when work has started on the order. “Processing to Deliver” is when item is ready for pickup from lab. “In Transit” when item is collected from lab by delivery team. “Ready to Deliver” when item has reached the remote outlet. And finally “Collected” when picked up by customer.

There can be divergence to the process if the frame is a special order “Special Order”. This requires item  to be specially ordered from frame supplier “Ordered to Supplier”.

Lab technician receives notification of the job order. The lab prepares the spectacle as per the document and dispatches it back to the outlet. Lab technician ID is added to the document for tracking the maker of the  item.

When item is delivered to branch, the staff verifies it physically. It is accepted by clicking “Received” button in the system. Upon click of the button an automated SMS is sent to the customer informing that the item is ready of collection. Inventory valuation is moved at every step of transfer. The customer is able to conduct spot inventory check as inventory movement is tracked in real-time.

All purchase and sales is directly linked to Accounting module. VAT is auto-calculated. Accounts team easily file VAT by copy pasting data from special report created by us for VAT filing. All inventory is tracked with valuation. Items having expiry dates are given special attention to ensure sales is conducted before the expiry date.

Human resources module is used extensively for tracking leaves, calculating salaries, commissions, employee documents, legal documents (CPR, Passport, Residence Permit, Licenses etc.) expiry dates.

The Result

Our customization has helped the client in streamlining almost all aspects of business, getting near real-time data, increasing profitability, increase in staff productivity. It is transparent and has reduced risk of theft of inventory. Financial audit is now completed with ease as auditors requirements are fulfilled quickly.

Auditors are given access to the system which allows them to review any documents whenever needed and no longer are the auditors have to wait for getting information from the customer employee.

Overall, our custom built optometry ERP software for optical business has been above customer expectation and is very happy with the return on investment into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

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